Temps Suspendu

“Suspended Time”

…What is this page for ?

It’s a space to share and exchange, where Time is seen differently. Usually websites don’t have a specific spot to talk about our concerts in prisons, for refugees, for childrens or for elderly people neither a space to share our most intense moments, our researches, our questionings and thoughts. It seemed essential to us to create this place with you, so you could also express yourself if you’d feel like it. You can find this notion of a poetic space-time where music arise, in Dutilleux’s quartet Ainsi la Nuit. The reference to his movement Temps Suspendu (Suspended Time) seemed consistent to us with the spirit of this page « out of time » or at least to perceive a different Time than the one ruled by our timed lives, which we are trying to create here with you. So if you’d like to follow us…

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